2011: Site Update History

Just one lonely update in all of 2011. I can only accuse myself of laziness on this matter... again.

Website Updated: 5-23-2011 at 8:37 p.m. EST


PSO 2, it's big, beautiful, and coming sometime in the near future. "Alpha" testing began this past week on May 20th. A real preview trailer was released on the official website earlier this month which only serves two purposes. The first purpose is the drool factor, it is beautiful. The second, and most likely unintended, purpose is to raise serious questions about whether any of PSO's game mechanics have survied and are even present in this sequel. Granted the game is still only in "alpha" at this time. Also under serious scrutiny, there is an absolute lack of any distinguishable character classes.

Upon first viewing the screenshots and trailer I was elated. But, as another PSO veteran and I were observing and discussing this over the last few weeks are there things not quite right in what there is to be seen. First off, there are no MAG's present in any of the game screenshots nor in the preview trailer. Secondly, at no point in the heavy-on-combat trailer were any of the characters observed using anything which might possibly have been a Technique. And third, the thing which disturbes us both a great deal, none of the players in either the screenshots nor the trailer have a defined player class. Yes, at first glance were observing a FOmarl, HUmar, HUnewearl, and what looks to be a FOnewm. But pay attention, very close attention. Granted, this is a pre-alpha game trailer so all of this is but conjectur for the moment but... The "FOnewm" may be a HUnewm. The "HUnewearl" may be a RAnewearl. And the FOmarl may be a HUmarl. Only the one who looks like a HUmar do I feel safe in saying actually is what he looks like. And if that is really a HUmarl, then its a far cry from the outfit of Red Ring Rico one would have expected to see.

Whatever the truth may be to the obvious oddities in the current visual data it's still the sequel to PSO. You can rest assured PSO Archive is on top of it.

History & Past Announcements section has been updated with last year's lone update entry added.

The JP section of the Museum has been updated with one new item added!

Indexes #16 and #17 have been added! That's one hundred new screenshots for your viewing enjoyment. ^_^

Just a rumor at present: SoA working on translating Phantasy Star Portable 2: Infinity for 4th quarter 2011 release. This is the direct sequel to Phantasy Star Portable 2. Both games have achieved record making game sales in the PSP games categorey in Japan since their releases, so only logical that an English translation would be under way.

The Guestbook is now officially on indefinite hiatus. If or when it is added back it will be there only to serve as a record of the people who signed it back when it was still functional. A bit of a technical challenge to put it back online with signature and moderator modes fully disabled.


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