2013: Site Update History

And it's not like there isn't new content to add. Again my arch nemesis "laziness" pulled a fast one on me. At least there was an update in 2013.

Website Updated: 7-07-2013 at 7:53 p.m. EST

Biggest news to date in the history of PSO Archive! We've partnered with a like-minded former PSO Quest administrator, current screen name Suteneko, to take the PSO archival experience to the next level. Suteneko's decade plus experience with the PSO, PSU, and PSO2 franchises, plus his assertive web design skills make him an incredible asset to the PSO community.
Suteneko is officially the administrator/webmaster over PSOArchive.com, while game player s (aka Tweeg) shall continue on as administrator/webmaster over this, the original, PSO Archive website. Each PSO Archive site has, and will continue to have, unique content exclusive to them. So be sure to bookmark both websites. ^_^

If you haven't done so yet, now is a great time to download the Character Creator / Benchmark Assesment Tool to see how well your computer can handle running PSO2. This program can be downloaded freely from the official JP PSO2 website.:

PSO 2, it's big, beautiful, and coming sometime in the near future, we hope! Since PSO Archive's last update PSO2 has officially launched in Japan for not just PC, but also the PlayStation Vita and even some Android OS platform cell phones. So where does that leave the rest of the planet, more spefically the English version?

At both TGS and E3 we heard nothing about the English version of PSO2. In fact PSO2, was nothing more than a little picked up on press statement released by SoA (Sega of America) about a week before E3. SoA has officially stated that the English localization of PSO2 has been delayed. No kidding! Keep your optimism high though, PSO2 hass been quite successful in Japan ever since it was released their on July 4th. 2012. Only a matter of time before SoA and SoE decide to get in on the action. And keep your fingers crossed for an English release of the PS Vita version, because that would be the ultimate on-the-go time killer.

Index #18 has been added! That's another fifty screenshots for your viewing enjoyment. And still more yet to come.... lots more.


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