2015: Site Update History

A pretty great year for PSO Archive, even if the big 'Collector's Aids' section addition to the site isn't entirely PSO related, it's still been a wildly popular addition to PSO Archive and draws in a diverse group of visitors. This addition is more a reflection of my own interests beyond PSO.

In retrospect, the site was off to a good start at the begining of the year, but there was quite a lot of stuff going on in my life. Quite unexpectledly lost my job at the company I'd been with for eight full years, was unemployed just over four months, and landed a rather lousy job towards the end of the year that I gave my all to try and make the best of. All things considered, I'm still rather pleased to have managed two updates to the site in this year.

Website Updated: 2-21-2015 at 1:55 p.m. EST

Eleven years later and still adding content. Fifty more screenshots added. Site History is now up to date. And the old Guestbook is finally archived and up for everyone's viewing enjoyment.

What of PSO Archive's future? You might ask. As far as PSO Archive goes I will continue to update it with new content, hopefully with greater frequency then that of the past four years. The sister site, PSOArchive.com, will also be seeing new content this year.

As for the PSO franchise itself... The future is extremely unclear right now. PSO2 Continues to be a successful franchise in Japan and the Southeast Asian countries where it has had official release. The 4th quarter of 2014 saw the release of PSO2 spin-off game "Phantasy Star Nova" on the PS Vita in Japan. But for we in the English speaking world all Sega will say to us is that a US/EU/AU English release is stil coming. But when, if ever, is anyone's guess.

Phantasy Star Nova was, and may still be, our best hope of ever seeing any official release outside of Asia of any part of the PSO2 franchise, and that is now in serious question due to the financial turmoil and massive turn-over being suffered by Sony Corporation. Sony denies it, but the PlayStation division has taken a nasty budget hit which has resulted in almost zero marketting of the PS Vita handheld and its' console counterpart PS Vita TV outside of Asia. No matter how well PS Nova, and even the Vita versions of PSO2, have sold on the Vita in Japan, there is not much chance that Sega would bother to localize and market games abroad for a game system that has virtually no first party (Sony) support and backing. PS Nova has a better chance of getting localized and re-released in English by Atlus than it does by SoA or SoE. So until we hear official word from Sega stating otherwise, an official English PSO2 release for the western world is pretty much a pipe dream.

Website Updated: 10-29-2015 at 2:25 p.m. EST

PSO Archive is back! You can thank Google for the downtime. They apparently implemented a new "security" system a few months ago when we went offline that was issuing false-positives for viral infections on websites not hosted by them. This resulted in the smaller webhosting companies receiving rather nasty letters from both Google and Google affiliated cyber security companies basically demanding that said websites be taken offline or else Google would delist every website they host from searches, not to mention the rather questionable security companies in question would also flag said sites as infection risks. I would just like to make it clear that there never was an infection risk from PSO Archive, with the exception of the main page (where you are right now), the rest of this website is entirely HTML encoded. The only non-HTML code on this page is a tiny piece of javascript used for PSO Archive's ExtremeTracking.com account that is a rather simple, publicly viewable, site visitor counter.

New section added! Just to be clear, this new section has basically nothing to do with PSO in general, but is content not entirely unrelated. Many moons ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth (well maybe), Tweeg dabbled in making checklists of Dreamcast games. Said checklists were originally hosted exclusively on a rather fantastic website by the name of Dreamcast Magic, but have actually been hosted exclusively on PSO Archive now for many years, ever since the demise of Dreamcast Magic. No mention of such has ever been made from the main site menu and now with the PlayStation Vita being the present core of his collecting desires new collecting media has been made and at last enough content exists to create a dedicated section. Unlike the rest of PSO Archive, the collector's aids may be updated from time to time without any mention as to such, please keep that in mind.

What of PSO Archive's future? You might ask. The Google stupidity that had kept the site down for many months this yea was a rather major blow to productivity, but otherwise the site is alive and well. New content is still in the works. Sister site PSOArchive.com is temporarily down while undergoing a design overhaul, but should be back up again sometime soon I'm told.

As for the PSO franchise itself... The future is even more unclear now than it was back in February. On the upside, a PSO2 themed anime series is being produced in Japan. On the downside, Sega of America & Europe (SoA/SoE) seem to be about as alive as a dead fish. Atlus, which is now owned by Sega is doing well as usual, but despite being given free reign by Sega Corporate over all Sega franchises the folks at Atlus so far seem entirely uninterested as they are very heavily wrapped up in their own projects and pre-existing franchises to bother with any of them.

As previosuly mentioned last update, Phantasy Star Nova may still be our best hope of ever seeing any official release outside of Asia of any part of the PSO2 franchise, but I no longer have confidence that it will be Sega to bring it out in the English langauge. More likely, if even possible, a niche company such as NIS (which has licensed from Sega before), or one of the relatively new start-up publishers, such as Limited Run Games or FanGamer, will be the one to localize and bring this game out of Japan if it ever happens at all.


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