2016: Site Update History

It was a very rough year. PSO Archive was absent from the internet for the majority of 2016. Actually made a PSO Archive - Lycos Angelfire - free site just as a fallback, which is where this update was posted to.

Thankfully everything worked out well in the end with a good friend and fellow PSO enthusiast coming to the rescue!

January 20th, 2016 7:25p.m.

As some of you may have been aware, PSO Archive has been hacked numerous times over the years, but the last two years were especially rough with the site being completely offline nearly as much as it was online. On January 7th, 2016 the site suffered a rather major security breach and nearly every HTML file was infected. My friend, the Webmaster of www.SegaForums.com, Dick who had hosted the site for free these last ten years said enough. At present time PSO Archive has no webhost for the first time since inception back in 2003!

The site has gone down before due to technical difficulties on the part of the webhost and due to having been hacked, but never due to complete loss of the webhost. I'm also at a loss as to who hacked the site and why. The earliest hackings were the result of security vulnarabilities in a Guestbook application that was part of the site and appeared to be automated hacking. But the most recent twelve or so months worth of sprees were clearly targeted hacking with the person(s) launching the cyber attacks gaining entry by cracking my FTP login. And I say targeted, as whomever was doing this left the host domain (SegaForums) alone only screwing around with PSO Archive.

At present time I will use this AngelFire webpage to host the Collector's Files for the Dreamcast and PS Vita. Specifically the Dreamcast Checklists, and PlayStation Vita R1 Checklist and Directory PDF files (see right pane).

game player s (aka Tweeg)


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