The DC_DivX Guide: Getting Started

Sometime in 2002 or 2003, a friend introduced me to the DC_DivX program when he loaned me an early version of the program along with another disc that had a bootlegged movie on it. Initially my reaction to watching the movie was that it was just some video recorded with a camcorder, sometime later though it hit me that I'd just watched a movie on my Dreamcast. It wasn't until February 2004, when I got a better computer with a CD-burner, that I'd finally have the capability to experiment with making and converting videos myself. Fast forward to now, it has been fully two years since my first video experiments and I've learned a lot since then. Now it's time to pass along the information so you don't have to make the mistakes I did.

What is DC_DivX?
DC_Divx is an excellent program that was created by Mark Dukette and Dan Marlin. It supports the playback of the following file types on your Dreamcast:
.MP3 audio encoded at 128 kBit/s or less
.OGG audio
.AVI video encoded with DivX and MP3 audio

How to use DC_DivX:
1. After successfully burning DC_Divx to a CD-R, burn the files you wish to play on the Dreamcast to another CD-R.
2. Place the DC_DivX disc into your Dreamcast and turn the power on. DC_DivX will automatically run.
3. Once the menu screen has loaded swap out the DC_DivX disc for the disc with the files you wish to play.
4. At this time the directory will display all the files on the new disc and you may select a file to play.

Download DC_DivX:
For your convience the DC_DivX disc image is available here for download in two popular disc burning formats. In addition, the source code is also available.
Nero Image (.nrg)
Disc Juggler Image (.cdi)
DC_DivX Source Code

How to re-encode a video file for compatibility with DC_DivX:
The DivX Guide: Using VirtualDub
More guides to come!

Resource links:
DC_DivX Official Website
Download DivX
Download VirtualDub
Download Nero Burning ROM
Download Disc Juggler

Q & A's
Got a Question not covered here? E-mail it or ask on the Dreamcast Magic Message Board.

Q: Do I just burn an AVI/MP3/OGG file(s) to CD, then swap it in after it's all said and done?
A: Yes, that's all there is to it. The AVI/MP3 file(s) do have to be within specifications though.

Q: Can I have more than one AVI, MP3, and OGG file on a CD-R, for example the entire first season of "Red vs. Blue", or is there a limit?
A: There is no limit, you may burn as many AVI, MP3, and OGG files to a CD-R as you like.

Q: Is DC_DivX a VGA compatible Dreamcast program?
A: Yes.

Q: Is there more than one version of DC_DivX?
A: Yes, there are technically three versions of the program currently available:
DC_DivX: The original program, available here.
DC_DivX for Dummies: Available only at DCHomebrew. A custom software package that allows you to burn your AVI/MP3/OGG file(s) onto the same disc as the DC_DivX program.
uDC_DivxX: Based on the DC_DivX program, but not covered here. No distinctive differences from DC_DivX.

Q: What are the full specifications for file limits that DC_DivX can play?
A: For more detailed specifications than given here please visit the DC_DivX Official Website (see Resource Links).

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