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Past Announcements

The Announcements section, as such, of the main page was a new addition added to the site in 2004. Prior to then, no records of announcement messages were intentionally saved.
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Site History: Genesis

1: 1 - In the beginning Game Player S created a Yahoo account and registered for a free Geocities site.
1: 2 - And the site was without form, and void; and blankness was upon the face of the site. And Game Player S moved upon the face of the keyboard and mouse.
1: 3 - And Game Player S clicked, make homepage, and there was homepage.
1: 4 - And Game Player S saw the homepage, that it was good: and Game Player S divided the homepage from the blankness.
1: 5 - And Game Player S called the homepage Index. And the blankness he called room to expand.

PSO Archive began it's life as many other sites have done and continue to do, as a free GeoCities site. When first began it had no name, no main page to speak of and really just served as a means to upload and share the in-game pictures, or screenshots, with fellow PSO players. However, after the US servers closed on October 1st (or 2nd), 2003, I had the desire to do something more and take the nameless folder to the next level.

Somwhere along the way, an inkling of an idea had crept into my mind about indexing the images through means of a proper webpage. With all the free time now at my disposal due to the official US PSO servers being gone I went to working on the idea. The name for the site, "PSO Archive", had already been floating about in my mind for a few months, ever since a fellow player had made a comment regarding the pictures serving as a sort of archive. The name PSO Archive had popped into my mind then. And so it was, that with the further aid of GeoCities Site Builder, I began working on an even more so simplistic, and very much unprofessional, looking precursor to the current site. The simplicity was two fold in nature; first I knew nothing of how to make a website, and secondly because I wanted to ensure the site was compatible with Dreamcast Web Browsers.

On October 19th, 2003, PSO Archive debuted. Back then there were no announcements, nor much of anything else. The site initially just had what is known today as Picture Index #1, and it wasn't even 50 pictures at that time. The site was primarily a main page which featured a brief introduction and the link to the rather primitive picture index. Managed to updated the site at least once a week back then as friends and acquaintances that I'd met through PSO's US servers still kept close contact with me and would frequently inquire as to if and when new pictures would be online. Rather quickly though updates to the site came to a crawl. I'd become obsessed with scouring gaming publications for articles on PSO, and thus the "Magazine Articles" section of the site was born. And then something I'd not considered happened. GeoCities free acounts were (maybe still are) limited to 10MB of hosting space, and I'd reached that limit. This was mostly in part to the magazine scans being much larger files than the pictures were, as not all of the pictures taken from the US servers era were even online yet.

~ More history on the site to come in a future update. ~


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